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This unique Ethical Travel Guide provides travellers with fantastic ideas for authentic and guilt free holidays. It is produced by Tourism Concern, a UK registered charity that promotes ethical and fairly traded tourism. For each country we list ethical travel considerations, ethical places to stay and see and ethical tour operators and volunteering organisations that can help make your stay better for local people and better for you. If you are an ethical traveller join us today.

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Thousands of grass roots, low impact, high sustainability initiatives all over the world struggle to tell tourists they exist. Very few of these inspirational initiatives have the resources or skills to market themselves in an industry dominated by multinational companies. Our Ethical Travel Guide is a challenge to this dominance, seeking to redress the balance in order to make tourism more fair. The Ethical Travel Guide is a chance for local communities in destination countries, who are often extremely poor, and dedicated local entrepreneurs to talk to their customers, to promote a more authentic and local experience which they are uniquely able to provide.

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Travel Dilemmas

Is it OK to ride an elephant? Go on a cruise or haggle for goods? Most people don’t set out to cause harm, but can unwittingly do so.

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Tourism Concern is a charity registered in the UK which campaigns against exploitation and promotes ethical and fairly traded tourism.

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