BAM – Bamboo clothing – 15% discount

March 1, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Member Benefits

Ethical Bamboo Travel Clothing

BAM is a small eco-ethical clothing company that offers bamboo clothing for men, women and Children. BAM is based in Plymouth, UK and was launched in June 2006 by founder David Gordon. BAM offers a wide range of clothing including; base layers & underwear, gear for fitness & outdoor activities, along with comfy luxurious items.

Tourism Concern and BAM joined forces in 2015 – BAM is the exclusive clothing provider for Tourism Concern and offer a 15% discount on any order to Tourism Concern Members. To redeem this discount, please go to the members area to access the promotional code.

What BAM stands for:

We’d genuinely rather make a bit less money and have loads of really pleased and satisfied customers and suppliers and have fun ourselves than go the awful corporate route of ‘get away with what you can, maximise profit and pretend to be whiter than white’. Which turns out to be quite smart in many ways anyway, here in the post modern era:

  • Everyone gets treated fairly and responsibly, from the garment factory workers to the customer. Not forgetting ourselves!
  • Every single customer has a voice that’s listened to – we depend on and evolve through suggestions received every day from our customers.

We’re all about transparency, honesty, integrity and fun. Our business is growing almost exclusively from word of mouth, as people who try it are impressed enough to tell their friends, etc. If you believe in what we’re doing and you like the product, please help continue this.

The benefits of Bamboo clothing:

Fabric made from bamboo is incredibly soft, smooth and luxuriously comfortable. The unique properties of bamboo clothing make it perfect for an incredibly wide range of activities, from trekking to skiing to the gym.

  • Moisture wicking: BAM fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier.
  • Antibacterial: Bacteria doesn’t live well in this fabric. So it doesn’t get smelly even after several days, unlike synthetic fabrics.
  • Uv protection: UPF 40 – it cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays, so perfect for holiday/travelling cover-ups.
  • Super soft: Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool, as well as all the other extra qualities.
  • Thermo-control: BAM fabric is warm, thanks to its hollow microfibre (like wool), yet is also breathable. Performance in all temperatures.
  • Anti-static: BAM fabric sits very well next to your skin, not clinging to it.
  • Sensitive: For sensitive or allergy prone skin, bamboo is perfect. It’s also anti-fungal. Many people say it’s their only solution for sensitive skin.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to cotton, not only because of its amazing properties which are kind to you, but because its cultivation is kind to the environment. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world, requires little water and provides soil stabilitiy. For more information about the environmental benefits of Bamboo click here.