The organisations listed in this guide are the result of exhausting, but not exhaustive research. If we have missed anything, please forgive us and let us know about it.

All listings and prices are correct at the time we were supplied them. All entries in this guide need to undertake a yearly assessment and update their details accordingly. However we cannot take any responsibility for changes that might occur in between these assessments. We have tried our utmost to ensure that each tour or holiday is beneficial to local people – not just because they’re being employed, which we take for granted – but because they actually get something positive in return.  It can be the opportunity to workers to get proper career training; get paid fair wages or ensure that their children will get an education; that they’ll get some health services or get to share in the profits and decide for themselves where the money is best placed for the community to profit as a whole.  We strongly believe that the most authentic, genuine experience comes from people who welcome you because they’ve been part of the development of the project.  They have either some ownership or community investment. But again, we cannot guarantee that this is always the case.

We have listed people based on recommendation from our members, local NGOs and community groups, plus our Ethical Tour Operators. We have made an assessment, based on the information supplied to us, on how each organisation is ethical. A key part of the guide however is feedback from our Members, so if you have stayed at any of the places listed please take a few minutes to give us your view and tell us if there are issues around community benefits that have concerned you.

Tourism Concern does not have the capacity to inspect every one so there is no Tourism Concern kitemark and neither do we endorse any of those who are listed here – we just our hope that you will get pleasure from the commitment, passion and energy that is often behind the projects included in this book.

There is more information on our FAQs