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Call: +1 (757) 304-8002

Adios Adventure Travel

Adios Adventure Travel is a licensed tour operator with an office in the U.S. and one in Peru. The company is owned by Jacquie Whitt of Virginia Beach, Va., and Vidal Jaquehua of Cusco, Peru. We specialize in small-group adventure travel to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. Our clients come from around the world and range in age from youth to elder seniors. We often tailor trips to the needs and interests of particular groups, such as students, photographers, volunteers and hikers.
Adios Adventure Travel strives to furnish memorable and meaningful travel experiences that fosters conscientious use of resources and genuine appreciation, decency, good will and respect toward the citizens of our destinations. Through our attentive, cross-cultural and service-oriented collaboration, we aim to cater to the individual needs and interests of our travellers while also elevating the standards of well-being among, and our relationships with, the people in the places we visit. Our overarching vision is to govern our business based upon ethical principles of management with benefit and equity to all founding partners, and to advance fair employment practices for staff and operatives.
Our company believes that the heart of sustainable tourism is recognizing and appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of a destination, its people and its culture, and acting to help preserve and appropriately enhance life for the local population by one’s presence as a visitor. This is who we are, who we’ve always been and precisely what drives Adios Adventure Travel.

Our administrative personnel have travelled to all our destinations and are familiar with the local lifestyles, logistics and practices. We provide access to high-profile destinations like Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca, Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rain Forest, Bolivia Salt Flats, Patagonia in Chile and Easter Island. The insight our staff shares with our travellers comes from experience and relationships. Equally as important is that we have established relationships with communities and places that are off the beaten path.
We recruit and train our own guides who make it possible for travellers to visit places such as Qechua farms, weaving co-ops, tribal-run camps, rural villages and indigenous home stays. Guides accompany every group that interacts with local residents outside routine tourists destinations. All our groups are small. We guarantee it.

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Virginia Beach, VA, United States

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