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Date:March 20, 2017 5:03 pm

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Country RW
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Through our activities we support the conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of cultural assets. Furthermore, we aim at contributing to the sustainable development of local populations by sharing economic benefits, and by helping to nurture a sense of pride and awareness that someone cares. Join hands with Amahoro Tours and help us to make a difference!

Community well-being

We as an organisation have implemented a resourceful Community Program that supports our local communities in different spheres from education, solving housing problems, sustainable entrepreneurship projects for the women and youth vocational training.

Environmental Protection

As a Green Economy, we maximize on use of the resources available to us thus preserving the environment we operate from and also educate our communities on sustainable land management in Agricultural activities for better environment.

Local prosperity and Social Equity

In terms of Local prosperity, as an organisation we offer opportunities to the guest visiting our destinations to partake on local activities that improves the economic well being of the society, moreover we employ 90% of local expertise in our offices and by this income generated directly from employment is channeled back to the families.

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Visitor fulfilment
We provide a safe, satisfying and fulfilling experience for visitors, available to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability, sexuality, or in other ways.
We meet all Health and Safety requirements
We have an equality policy
We have a sustainability policy
Northern Province
Market Street Ruhengeri Rwanda 87 Musanze, Ruhengeri, Rwanda