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Antilco Horsetrekking

horseback trail rides from 4 hours to 12 days in the Andes, including the 9-day “Crossing of the Andes” ride, 5 days riding in Chile, 3 days in Argentina. Rides through remote valleys and in Mapuche Indian Communities.

Visit us and discover the natural beauty and pristine wilderness of the Andean valleys around the National Parks Villarrica and Huerquehue on horseback. We ride a series of different horse trails, suited to your riding abilities, and our chilean criollo horses fulfill the needs of every rider. Whether beginner or expert, we’ve got the right horse for you!

Get ready for the big adventure:
Crossing the Andes on Horseback.
Cross the Andes with us and get the best of two worlds and two historic horse cultures!
From the snow-capped volcanoes of the Chilean Andes, through a pass in Icalma, to the open valleys of the Argentinean pampas, we’ll explore and witness the landscape transition as we ride.Encounter smoking volcanoes, snowy peaks, deep blue mountain lakes, and dense, towering rainforests during this once in a lifetime experience.
On the Chilean side we’ll experience steep mountains and endless virgin rainforests with our low, sturdy Chilean Criollo horses. Crossing the border, we’ll witness the unique Argentinean gaucho lifestyle, the vast plains, and the dramatic cliffs where we can admire the majestic Patagonian condor.

Sollipulli Volcano Trails
If you’re looking for an adventure on horseback and the opportunity to see the rippled landscape of the Chilean Andes at its most pristine and impressive, come explore Sollipulli and its surrounding areas with us on a 12 -day horseback ride through Huerquehue National Park, Rio Blanco Valley and Huachelepun, but most impressively, up to the high plains of the Sollipulli Volcano!

Sollipulli is an amalgamation of several volcanic hot spots with one massive, central, inactive crater and is a landscape of epic proportions. In 2011, our arrieros crossed Sollipulli on horseback, the first riders ever to do so, and now we are thrilled to be able to share this exquisite landscape with you.

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