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Coop Xixuau

Situated around 500 kms North West if Manaus the Xixuau is an area of pristine rain forest measuring 178.000 hectares. It is home to many species of animal in danger of exctintion elsewhere in the Amazon, like the giant otter, jaguar, black caiman, both species of river dolphin, harpy eagle, many types of monkeys and bird species. The water is transaperent which is very rare in the Amazon, making us the number one destination for filming underwater in the region. 24 nature documentaries have been made here by televisions from all over the world.

Our community based tourism began in 1994 and involves every family in our community. We created the Xixuau Nature Reserve and the Lower Rio Branco-Jauaperi Extractivist Reserve which is a federal unit of conservation. Our aim is to improve the standard of living of the local inhabitants through ecological and zero impact tourism. This activity began following a direct request from the local inhabitants in order to halt their emigration from the area to the city of Manaus. Our organiation has built 3 schools in the area, a health post with local trained nurse, we have satellite internet connection and are known world wide for our work and the richness of wildlife in our region of the Amazon.

Anyone interested in seeing the real Amazon forest, with all its wildlife, and experiencing a unique community based experience should come to Xixuau. Visitors stay in our malocas, Indian style huts by the river bank. There are 5 of them, each with 2 double bedrooms, orivate bathroom and veranda overlooking the lake. One guide takes 2 visitors on canoe outings by day and night to see the wildlife, for treks through the forest, overnight camping trips, fishing, bird watching etc. The water level varies almost 10 metres between the rainy and dry season. In the high water period huge areas of forest are flooded and can be visited by canoe making it possible to see wildlife like monkeys very easily. During the dry season large beaches emerge from the river and the acquatic fauna is extremely concentrated. The water is clear and this makes it possible to view thousands of fish, turtles, water snakes, rays etc.

Here it is possible to live in a traditional Amazon village and see the social projects developed by the cooperative. The local woman offer handicrafts of jewellry made from junge seeds. The cooperative brings people in different ways, depending on the size of group and time of year. Either in its own boat, or speedboats, or using a combination of public transport up the Rio negro and speedboat up the Rio Jauaperi. It takes from 24 to 30 hours to reach the Xixuau and trips are normally from a week to 10 days in length. More info on our web sites and face book Coop Xixuau and Xixuau.

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Rio Jauaperi, Rorainópolis - Roraima, Brazil

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