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We are much more than a tour operator, Christian Strassnig its founder has re-discovered the Camino Real which was lost in the jungle of Panama for centuries. Then he started training local communities members in tourism and leading tours these remote communities. After that, he started Cultour in order to promote sustainable development and conservation of rainforests and cultural heritage by responsible tourism.

In other parts of Panama we have applied our approach of exploring, training and working together with local communities. Thereby creating income alternatives to slash and burn agriculture for rural communities in sensitive areas rainforest areas, and by traveling with us, you support these communities and the conservation of the environment.

Sharing outstanding experiences of culture, nature and communities of Panama with our guests and the same time contributing to sustainable development of visited communities and rainforests is the way we realise our tours. We see tourism as a major tool for sustainable development of impoverished rural communities, as implemented during the research of Camino Real, and by this way our guests are also actors of change when travelling with us.

We do tours in Panama City, Old town, the Panama Canal, community tours, rainforest tours, hiking trips, day tours from Panama City and cruise ship passengers all with focus on interpretation that allows visitors to understand the reality of the visited country.

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Ciudad de Panamá, Panama

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