Dunes de Dovela Eco-Lodge, Mozambique

Date:August 23, 2017 10:20 am

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Since the beginning, the project aims to develop educational and economic benefits to the local community by training and employing the inhabitants around. At the same time, the project has been designed to protect the environment. Today, the main activities are dedicated to environment and culture discovery, so that we can also raise awareness to our guests.

Community well-being

The project is very close to the local community. Contributing to educational and economic advantage to the people around is one of our main purpose, that’s why since the beginning, all our employees come from the villages around. Because of the very low school level in this remote area, and because we believe education is the best way to act on one’s life, training is a permanent issue at Dunes de Dovela. For instance, we have trained more than 70 people first to the building : 4 years were required to build the place. Among this team, 15 people have been trained to all the skills related to hostelries/restauration (cooking, service, speaking English, guiding, bird watching etc ..). These people have acquired a strong know-how, and we continue to provide training to our team. Regularly, we organize trainings aiming at increasing our team’s hosting skills using their concrete experiences. When possible, we take some of our staff to a training organized by the provincial tourism organization we belong to.

Dunes de Dovela’s story is linked to the school of the village. As a price for the cease on the land, the community asked us to build two big concrete class rooms. Since then, we are involved in the maintenance of the whole school and are regularly involved in the school life.
Because health is also an issue in this area, we have implemented - with an association from the province - health training program such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria prevention for the lodge team, and in the village. In the same dynamic, we have built a water borehole close to the school.

Environmental Protection

Four years of training and work hand in hand with the local community have enabled outstanding buildings that are all hand constructed to emerge amongst the dunes. Their rounded shapes melt gracefully into this unique environment, the preservation of which we protect at all costs.
During the course of the project all the construction methods were chosen in order to preserve the environment : low carbon transport materials (reeds, wood, sand, stone), hand carrying into the dunes, no heavy equipment used. Moreover 80% of the material required for the construction is local.
A well organized and maintained water gravity network minimise the loss of water and a comprehensive sewer and septic tanks system avoid any pollution. All the waste are collected and sorted to be reused or transport to the nearest association (ALMA) that recycles them. High quality insulation of fridges and deep freezer (A++) allows the lodge to operate with a 35Kva generator working only 8 hours per day. The whole lodge organization is scheduled on the generator working time and the generator is used only half load to use as less diesel as possible.

Through education, training and the creation of an association (ACCM : Associaçao de Conservaçao Costeira de Moçambique), Dunes de Dovela tries to inform the local communities about the value of their asset. Lead by Thomas (FGASA Field guide level 1 and trail), the local guides have written their birds, butterflies, trees and insects checklists and are now able to create a nature experience with the guests. Guided walks, nature library and discovery games are means to raise awareness to our guests.
We also work with a marine biologist on turtles conservation. Traditional and scientific knowledge meet there which generate good bases for conservation.

Local prosperity and Social Equity

Many of our touristic activities bring some economic benefits to other inhabitants. We support the local small scale farmers and fishermen who provide the restaurant with fruits, vegetables and sea products. The guests’ car park is at families; the local handcraft and furniture are sold thanks to a small shop created at our lodge, or the offer to the guests to have lunch at families are other examples.
We also facilitate everyday’s life to our staff, suppliers and their families by offering some services such as micro credit, transport, shopping, training or building expertise.
On top of that we work with the school : we participated to the building of two classrooms in Dovela. Regular notebooks, pen and clothes are also supplied to Dovela and Chuma’s schools...
The permanent meeting (formal and unformal) with local leader and people permit us to propose fair exchanges between tourists and people.

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We provide a safe, satisfying and fulfilling experience for visitors, available to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability, sexuality, or in other ways.
We have an equality policy
We have a sustainability policy
We have a child protection policy
198 parcela, Dovela, Dongane, Inharrime, Inhambane, Mozambique