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Eco Holiday Asia

We believe each and every aspect of tourism is related to community and we should focus and plan our tourism according to community policy to enhance and prosper the tourism business. Maximum utilisation of community resource either natural or socio-culture ( artificial )only doesn’t help the tourism development also helps to raise the living standard of local people in this modernization way of life and resources in the proper way .
Our community tourism development is focused on the Eco Tourism and Sustainable Tourism where each level of participation get equal right to cast and also get benefits equally. It’s a strategy to develop both sides of tourism properly and run smoothly in community level .i.e enhance the 4A’s ( Attraction, Accommodation, Accessibility and Amenities ) of tourism process and development.
Different examples can be taken out: Ghandruk – eco-village tour, Barpark and Larpark as a homestay and other different villages of remote Nepal has taken keen interest to touch by tourism, there would be changes but we should be able to take out the maximum benefits of tourism development in the positive way of development.
From our level, we have been conducting different kinds of tourism development activities like Hospitality English Speaking Class, Basic authentic Cooking courses, same kind of different trek but with our vision of ecotourism and sustainable tourism .i.e collecting garbage during the trek , providing public awareness , need of safety clean drinking water and management of domestic animal husbandry , building of chimney for the good health

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Bagmati Marg 44611, Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. Laurance said on April 10, 2017 4:28 am:

    Fantastic trip to Upper Mustang during August 2016. Very knowledgeable and exhibits a genuine interest and commitment to socially-aware tourism. Builds excellent relationships with local communities. Includes first aid kit and experience with recognising symptoms of altitude sickness. Good integrity, not a rip-off, not a sycophant. You will be travelling responsibly with Eco Holiday Asia.

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