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Eternal Landscapes

We are a micro-business and our focus is on supporting local. As the founder of Eternal Landscapes, I am the only westerner and the rest of my small team are Mongolian.

We ​don’t work with any outside agencies or ‘buy’ services from other in-country operators. We just work directly with the local people – slowly building up relationships with them. We have been working together in Mongolia for over 12 years.

We focus on real travel – travel that benefits the local communities through which we travel. We will encourage you to use a blend of accommodation and to contribute to the sustainability of travel in the areas you pass through. Working directly with the local people helps to support the rural communities through which you travel and it allows us to source local knowledge leading to a more personal style of holiday for you.

Responsible, sustainable or ethical travel – in recent years, it has developed many labels and is now a widely-used selling tool in the tourism industry. But, what does it mean? For us, this is about our responsibility to Mongolia. Travel can, and should be, a positive experience for both you, the visitor, and for Mongolia – its natural environment, people, culture and traditions. I believe that travel has to be beneficial to all concerned.

Ethical Commitment:

As part of our commitment to ethical travel in Mongolia, we have started our annual rubbish clean-up at a national park in Mongolia. This is fully funded by us and runs in connection with the local community of the national park area and also the protected area rangers.We also focus on supporting social enterprise and grass-roots NGOs located in Mongolia that provides greater opportunities and benefits for local communities. As well as making a donation to each project we work with, where possible we try to take that project support further. For example, in connection with the Mongolian Quilting Centre, we now offer a one-day quilting experience with 100% of the payment going directly to the quilting centre.

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Narnii Rd, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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