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Five14 Nepal Adventures

We’re a group of Nepalese and internationals who love adventure and the people of Nepal – especially the people. We think everyone should experience the beauty of this nation and help the people while they are here. We are tourism with a conscience. We believe in community partnerships for a better life for everyone. Sometimes tourists leave trash behind. We want to leave Nepal better off then we arrived. We think you do too.We work in communities in Nepal that not only suffer from poverty and exploitation, but also have potential to achieve a better future, and impact the area and villages surrounding them. Through adventure tourism, we are working to develop communities to give children a hope and a future.

Ultimately, we hope to spark a movement that will result in Nepal being transformed to a place where potential and hope is realized. Five14 Adventures specializes in group adventures that not only provide customers with customized, organized airport-to-airport itineraries, but allow for meaningful cultural immersion and exchange, and allows participants to give back to Nepal through supporting ethical businesses and participating in ongoing community projects.
We offer trekking, homestay, rafting, mountain biking, and cultural tours. The heart of what we do is prevent exploitation at the source by developing and fostering locally-owned businesses. In many of the communities where we travel, there is an established pattern of exploitation, in which people are forced to leave their homes for unsafe and exploitative employment. By investing in locally-owned businesses, we are offering an alternative to this.

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Five14 Adventures, Patan, Nepal

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