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Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel

Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel brings thoughtful travellers to vibrant rural communities. We link you to some of Asia and Europe’s little known but skillful producers, artisans and places, trading fairly with local people using local products and generating support for the communities you visit.

  • Fresh Eyes enables your travel to be transparent, fairly-traded and respectful.
  • We believe in the power of travel to contribute to making the world a more just and equal place.
  • Uniting us in solidarity.
  • Opening up new frontiers of understanding.
  • Giving us fresh eyes.

Ethical Commitment:

Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel is the first not-for-profit Tour Company in the UK which is registered as a Community Interest Company. We develop itineraries for travellers through, community-based organisations, family run and local small businesses in Asia and Europe.

Just Prices
Shouldn’t all people involved in travel and tourism know who pays what and who receives what? For travellers, tour operators, host communities and suppliers, everyone simply knowing what the travel costs and how that cost is distributed throughout the supply chain is an essential foundation to fairer, more responsible travel.

Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel is pioneering Just Prices. These clear and fair prices are developed with partners and enable both a community based approach to travel and a contribution to wider development in the host communities and area. The travellers’ Just Price enables them to know what everyone in the supply chain from community homestays and guides all the way to the tour operators receive and so to feel confident that the people they are visiting are the main beneficiaries.

To date globally there are very few initiatives that are taking forward Fair Trade in travel and tourism even though they are a significant part of many local and national economies. This forward looking initiative encourages supply chain reform by establishing a positive and viable example of thoughtful, respectful and fairly traded travel.

Community Solidarity Fund
All travellers contribute to a Community Solidarity Fund which supports initiatives for more just and sustainable approaches to travel and address issues of human rights. Any surplus from our tours will also go to this fund. We are joining travel and solidarity and enabling people to make a difference and contribute to social justice.

Transforming Tourism to contribute to a more just, equal and inclusive world
Within the constraints of our organisation’s size, we encourage and support practices and policies that ensure that the benefits of the world’s tourism industry are maximised for local economies, ideally have a positive impact on broader development and promote greater social and economic justice in the host countries.

We work with others through The Asia-Europe People’s Forum, organising workshops on Tourism and Human Rights at AEPF9 in 2012 in Laos, AEPF10 in 2014 in Milan and AEPF11 in 2016 in Ulaanbaatar.

Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel is part of the Transforming Tourism Network and part of the core group for the Transforming Tourism publication http://www.transforming-tourism.org/ working for tourism to seek a widespread and fair distribution of economic and social benefits throughout the recipient communities, including improving local prosperity, quality of life and social equity.

Our principles, aims and commitments were brought together in the March 2017 Berlin Declaration on Transforming Tourism

Solidarity and travel working together.

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