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We are a micro business taking ethical tours to off the beaten track destinations in India.
After years of research and many trips to India, director Beverley Bloxham lived in India for six months. She spent a lot of that time travelling to possible destinations for Kasu Tours as well as supporting NGOs Lok Samiti,Mehndiganj (where she volunteered as a teacher in the village school); D-Foundation at Sarnath; The Centre for Culture and Development, Chennai; and Will Our World where she was a founding member.

Kasu Tours destinations are primarily craft makers in India or the fair trade organisations that support them. We book workshops for our guests when they are available. Eg: Kala Raksha (www.kala-raksha.org/)

To lessen the impact on our destinations and the people we visit, we limit the number of guest to six. We also visit archaeological sites of significance and national parks where we aim to leave no footprints.

We employ local guides in our destinations and provide fair pay.
Acutely aware of the socio-economic differences between our country (Australia) and way of life and the people we meet and employ on our tours, we discourage bargaining and augment the low wages of our local drivers and guides with generous tips.

Every tour generates a donation to charities we support in India. Eg: educating a young girl and other projects in Mehndiganj village, Uttar Pradesh (www.facebook.com/LokSamitiVaranasi); supporting projects at The Centre for Culture and Development, Chennai, India (kasuemporium.wordpress.com/organisations-we-support/)

We are self-financed and we are self-sufficient in creating our trips. Before any tour is advertised, we have trodden the path of the tour, met the people at our destinations, interviewed local guides and forged lasting professional and personal friendships – providing a guarantee of quality and authenticity.
We provide fair pay to the people who work with us.

Our sister company Kasu Emporium, stocks fair-trade products bought directly from the makers in India. If any bargaining occurs, it is to increase the price we pay if we feel the maker is not charging enough.

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