Mocktree Barns Holiday Cottages

Date:May 12, 2017 10:35 am

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For the last 20 years we have been an ethically run green tourism business providing self catering accommodation in five small cottages. We have held the Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold award for many years. This is only awarded after a rigorous inspection every two years. We garden organically, pay close attention to our energy use, recycle and reuse as much of our waste as possible and encourage our guests to help us in our efforts to run our business as ethically and sustainably as possible.
We are a husband and wife team with backgrounds in ecology and environmental concerns. Our business ethic follows naturally from our life style choices.
On a personal level we are actively involved with promoting fair trade and have close links with Traidcraft, one of the UK 's leading importers of fairly traded goods. We have visited several of their suppliers in both India and Sri Lanka.

Community well-being

We encourage our guests to integrate with the local community by shopping locally and using other local facilities in this very rural area. This includes local churches, cinemas, small scale leisure facilities and public transport.
We have taken part in the development of the local village plan and are involved with the manangement of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty along with other tourism businesses in the area.
We are committee members of several local tourism groups and through them take an active role in the development of tourism in the area.
Our own property consists of old stone buildings and we have maintained these as part of the historic heritage of the area. We live and work in a part of rural England that has much to offer in terms of traditions and authentic culture. We encourage our guests to learn more about the area and to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Environmental Protection

We manage our acre of land organically with a strong concern for the wildlife that it supports. This comes naturally to us as one of us is a professional ecologist by training. We use traditional methods such as hedge laying and dry stone wall building where possible. Our large garden pond is a haven for wildlife
We have our own small waste water treatment plant and ensure that this works effectively. Discharge from it is clean and does not pollute the surrouding land.
We pay close attention to the disposal of domestic waste from our guests and ensure that we use the local recycling facilities extensively. We compost all organic waste.
We use the many re-use opportunities available locally for handing on furniture, bedding, towels etc that are no longer suitable for our guests to use and we encourage other tourism businesses to do so where possible.

Local prosperity and Social Equity

We have been actively involved with several local tourism groups over many years. These work together to encourage visitors to shop and eat locally, hence retaining visitor spend in the area. All our guests are provided with ample information about local shops and places to eat and visit.
We employ one person to help us with our accommodation business and have always ensured that we maintain a very good level of pay and working conditions for her.
We welcome guests without discrimination of any kind and can offer accommodation in single storey accommodation to those with limited mobility.

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Visitor fulfilment
We provide a safe, satisfying and fulfilling experience for visitors, available to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability, sexuality, or in other ways.
We meet all Health and Safety requirements
We have an equality policy
We have a sustainability policy
We have a child protection policy
We have an Ethical Trekking policy
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Mocktree Barns Holiday Cottage, Leintwardine