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Seed Madagascar

SEED Madagascar is a UK-based charity working with a Malagasy NGO in the south-east of Madagascar, in a variety of community health, sustainable livelihoods, education and environmental initiatives. We offer a number of unique and award-winning volunteer placements, including a conservation programme and both long and short term integrated development volunteer opportunities. SEED Madagascar’s approach is one of partnership with local communities, as we work to alleviate poverty and support some of the world’s most vulnerable people in threatened and irreplaceable environments.

SEED Madagascar is an award-winning British charity, partnered with an independent Malagasy NGO, working in remote and rural communities in the Anosy region, south-east Madagascar. Our mission is to alleviate poverty and conserve unique and biologically rich but greatly endangered forest environments, by empowering some of the poorest people to establish sustainable livelihoods for themselves and improve their well-being. SEED MadagascarUK and ONG Azafady (Madagascar) have been working together as sister organisations for over 15 years in a skill-sharing partnership which has a capacity building at its core.

All of our projects are sensitively built around the directly expressed needs of marginalised communities, and with over 15 years of project experience in south-east Madagascar, we have developed strong working relationships with the local population, maximising their participation in all stages of project development, planning and implementation. SEED Madagascar is a recognised regional specialist in capacity building at the community level (empowerment, information, education and training, advocacy) and it is estimated that over 100,000 people have benefited from our projects over the last decade.

What we do

We are a sustainable development and conservation organisation that works for a better future for people, communities, and the environments in which they live, in south-east Madagascar. We work in four main project areas: community health, sustainable livelihoods, environment and construction, and our current projects include sexual health education in schools, school building, English teaching and community afforestation. Our work relies crucially on the support, both in donation and labour, of our international volunteers, who go out to Madagascar and work on our conservation and development projects on-the-ground, throughout the year.

What you can do

We run three main volunteering programmes, responding to what is directly expressed as the most pressing needs of local communities, as determined by the local communities and now welcome over 100 volunteers of all ages from across the world each year.

Our award-winning Pioneer programme gives you the opportunity to work on a variety of sustainable development projects across SEED Madagascar’s construction, health & sanitation, sustainable livelihoods and environmental conservation departments for 10 weeks (shorter periods from 5 weeks may be arranged by request). Volunteers will work on various projects such as school building, health & environmental education, well & latrine construction and even tree planting, alongside a team of like-minded volunteers, Malagasy guides and staff, and an international group coordinator. The Pioneer programme runs 4 times a year, starting in the first week of January, April, July and October every year.

The SEED Madagascar Conservation Programme offers volunteers the chance to get involved in all aspects of our conservation work from running environmental education sessions and tree-planting, to monitoring lemur behaviour and researching critically endangered reptiles and amphibians. There are two main elements of the programme: Lemur & Biodiversity Research, and Community Conservation, and volunteers will undertake aspects of both during the programme. The programme runs in 2-week blocks which can be combined so individual programmes can last for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks.

The SEED Madagascar Short-term Community Construction Programme offers you the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in a short space of time by assisting our construction department in all aspects of SEED Madagascar community construction work. This may include construction projects such as building primary schools, wells and latrines in rural villages, or health and sanitation projects, increasing access to safe drinking water and education about the importance of hygiene. Placements last for 2 or 3 weeks and all skills required to participate in the programme are taught in-country.

Finally, we also have English teaching placements, focussing on the capacity building of existing education professionals in the Malagasy schools, on a short term basis for 2 – 10 weeks or longer term of 6 months+. For more information about any of our work and current opportunities, please see our website.

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