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We are a group of women living in a southern coastal village of Kerala, South India. Fishing and yarn making from coconut fibre are our main livelihood avenues. After the tsunami of December 2004 the village community initiated the process of reviving their traditional ecological and livelihood systems under a project called Punarjani. We organised ourselves into self-help groups and started several income generating activities. In May 2014, we built a small eco-cottage on the shores of a lake to entertain travelers who are seeking candid experience of our village life.

We are very particular to ensure that your visit to our village does not create any cultural shock to our community or to you. So we expect certain codes of behavior from you and we shall also follow certain standards regarding environmental hygiene, comfort, quality of drinking water and food, your personal safety etc. Please rest assured that we have no disrespects to your habits and we shall happily adopt your good habits such as concern for the environment and punctuality. If you are interested in visiting more places in south India you can book your stay with us through other groups that are promoting ethical tourism We are in the process of recognizing a panel of tour operators who confirm to our ethical standards. We do not accept any bookings through travel agents that are not recognised by us.


Snehatheeram is located at about 7 kms west of Kayamkulam, which is about 150 kms southeast of Kochi Airport and about 120 Kms north west of Thiruvananthapuram Airport. Kayamkulam is well connected by trains on Kochi-Thiruvananthapuram route.


After confirming your booking, we need exact date, time and mode of arrival in Kerala and one of our representatives will meet you in the airport or the railway station of your arrival. We shall give you the name and telephone numbers of the person who shall receive you.

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