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Soksabike provides visitors with the opportunity to spend time in Cambodian homes and local businesse and gain insight into the daily lifes of Cambodians in the countryside. You will be sure to experience all this and more as Soksabike’s charasmatic, totally unique but most of all fun guides take you on a bicycle adventure around Battambang.

We are committed to maintaining a high-quality, authentic, and sustainable tour. We always put the well-being and best interests of the families and businesses we support before our own and are committed to keeping our tour in line with our beliefs.

Soksabike is a play on the traditional Khmer greeting of ‘Soksabai’ which roughly translates to ‘How are you?’ Along a shaded route lined with banana palms, fruit orchards, and traditional wooden houses, Soksabike tours stop at several family-run cottage industries, such as rice paper for spring roles, dried bananas, bamboo sticky rice cakes, and rice wine. At each stop, a guide explains to the guests about the background of each family and the detailed production processes of each product. The guests learn how and why the families started their businesses, ingredients, costs, distribution processes, as well as the impact of Khmer Rouge regime on the families and their properties. They of course sample all the delicious traditional snacks at each stop. The group also enjoys lunch at a family home and visits a memorial site for Khmer Rouge victims and a Buddhist temple to learn about monastic life and the functions of temple buildings and their statues. We currently work with eight families and share profits with them each time the tour visits them. Through our tours, travelers come away with a personal insight into life in rural Cambodia, and the local communities a feeling of pride in the culture as well as economic stimulus that allows them to continue their way of life.

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Battambang, Cambodia

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