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Tadele Travel - Welcome to Ethiopia

Tadele Travel was set up to share our knowledge of the country with people keen to experience not only the remarkable landscapes, wildlife and history of Ethiopia, but also the culture, warmth and hospitality of Ethiopians themselves. We design tailor-made journeys that showcase the real Ethiopia, we offer tours that combine culture and adventure.

The content of our tailor-made journeys is diverse. We offer historical sites, religious festivals, rural community walks, mountain trekking, highland cycling, altitude running and tough expeditions into the Danakil depression.

We want everyone to love and experience Ethiopia as we do, and so what we offer is an authentic experience of an extraordinary country and its people. We know Ethiopia – our people, our culture and our language – like no other UK travel company. This is reflected in the travel suggestions we make and the details of our planning. Our directors, Girma and Richard, are either a native speaker or fluent in Amharic and have unique personal experience of and connections to Ethiopia. With the exception of our running and cycling tours, we don’t have any set itineraries. Your trip will be thoughtfully designed according to your travel party, the time you have available, and your interests. We’ll arrange everything for you, including your flights, transfers, meals and accommodation in some of the country’s top hotels, eco-lodges and community-owned huts. We’re more than happy to travel to meet with you personally to discuss your Ethiopian experience.

Ethical Commitment

We are respectful of local people, wildlife and the environment, and this is reflected in our travel and accommodation options. We also understand what Ethiopians need for tourism to benefit them directly, and we work only with guides, lodges and community initiatives that we know help make this happen. We’ll also only take you to areas where we know that you’ll be happy and where your presence has a positive impact on local communities.For us, the foundation of designing journeys that achieve this is respect. All the experiences we offer respect the local people, wildlife and natural environment of Ethiopia.

• We practice a fair wage to ensure that the host community benefits from tourism;
• We support community-based tourism initiatives where we believe local community benefit economically;
• We support and respect the preservation of local customs and culture;
• We are committed to avoid mass tourism in order to minimise our impact on the environment;
• We advise our clients to travel responsibly.

Community Commitment

Tadele Travel will be supporting several community projects through responsible tourism.
Our Community Walking Tours and Mountain Trekking Tours are designed to support a community-based tourism initiative in northern Ethiopia that helps to combat rural poverty. Our clients stay in community run huts and lodges, use local animal transportation and employ local staff from cooks to porters to trail guides.
Our Road Cycling Tours are designed to bring opportunity making a living by being part of road cycling guide.
Our Altitude Running Tours support young runners to earn an income by being training guides to our running clients.

Our expert guides

All of our expert tour leaders listed under Tadele Travel website are proud members of The Ethical Travel Guide.

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Lalibela, Amhara, Ethiopia

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