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Date:July 12, 2017 10:57 am

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We believe in responsible travel practice and sustainable tourism principles. We aspire to operate ethically, our operation guidelines are to operate with the intention of benefiting the local communities we are working with and protect the environment to optimum level.

Community well-being

Respecting local cultures: we will work closely with our guides to ensure that our clients understand how to behave respectfully in terms of dress, communication and eating within the cultural settings they are experiencing. This is at the heart of what we offer in terms of introducing tourists to the religious heritage of Ethiopia across Orthodox Christianity and Islam.

Environmental Protection

Conserving natural resources: we are committed to protecting Ethiopia’s natural resource base with regard to its national parks and its non-park areas. Drawing on the expertise of one of our board members who has worked extensively in natural resource management in Ethiopia, we will stay informed about local conservation initiatives, actively maintain these networks and share information about them;

Minimising pollution: we will inform our clients about simple measures they can take while on holiday in Ethiopia and will partner with local service providers who have established policies on minimising pollution.

Local prosperity and Social Equity

Benefiting local communities: we will use an operational model of contracting a core group of Ethiopian guides who will benefit from training and development. We will actively invest in their skills and seek to improve their earning capacity. We will ensure that each of our tour products takes account of local considerations, particularly in terms of how our clients interact with the communities they meet. We will also work with established initiatives in Ethiopia that are seeking to bring local benefit to rural communities and will donate a proportion of our profits to local enterprise projects to ensure that the benefits of increased tourism reach a broad a range of people;

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Visitor fulfilment
We provide a safe, satisfying and fulfilling experience for visitors, available to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability, sexuality, or in other ways.
We meet all Health and Safety requirements
We have an equality policy
We have a sustainability policy
We have an Ethical Trekking policy
Lalibela, Amhara, Ethiopia