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Walk Japan

Walk Japan is the first International ETOG member and there is a reason why. Walk Japan is the pioneer of off-the-beaten-track walking tours in Japan. They offer authentic and enjoyable tours designed to discover Japan, its people, society and culture. Beginning in 1992 with the innovative and best-selling Nakasendo Way tour, they were the first to successfully introduce the real Japan, geographically and culturally, that often remains inaccessible for most visitors to the country. Since then, Walk Japan has created numerous tours throughout the length and breadth of Japan. Walk Japan is an independent organisation offering a different vision of how to create and manage tours in Japan; how to provide service to our customers; and how to carry out our business as a whole. Walk Japans’ purpose is:

  • To provide the best tours, ones that set the benchmark for quality, available in Japan.
  • To maintain and improve the three fundamental qualities of our tours; namely, interest (education), entertainment (attractiveness) and efficiency (best use of our customers’ time and money).
  • To clearly recognise and act accordingly that our product is not just tours but the complete service from first enquiry through the tour itself to post-tour follow up.
  • To operate our company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth consistent with long-term development and success. We do not seek short-term gain.
  • To expand the opportunities for development and career growth for all our employees.
  • To thoroughly imbue everything that we do in our work with our values of respect, integrity and quality.

Ethical Commitment:

Our tours are created for people who not only like to walk but also to learn, understand and appreciate. We introduce Japan in contexts that are informative and make sense of sights and customs that otherwise too often remain elusive to many visitors. Our tours bring this fascinating country up close by mixing in with its people and their way of life. We use public transport with its many varied and efficient guises; and also use delightful, local inns, the occasional temple and family-run restaurants.

All our tours are thoroughly researched and planned for experiences of Japan without peer. They are original, well-paced and carefully balanced for activity, interest and pleasure. Our extensive planning and attention to detail ensures that our tours provide a rich experience that runs exceptionally well. We set standards far above the norm in Japan with our western approach to tour research and creation combined with our high Japanese standards of service.

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. We operate our company in a way that recognises the important role and responsibilities that business has in society. Foremost for us this means being committed to and supportive of the communities in which we operate. This commitment is embedded in our core values, which include respect for all people and a belief that everyone deserves full and equal civil rights. We are committed to our customers, suppliers and colleagues and run our business without reference to age, gender, race, sexual orientation, creed or nationality.

It also means that we work hard to make sure that our tours have a positive impact on the areas that we visit. Wherever possible we use and support family-run and other local businesses. This is not just because we think we should, and we do strongly, but because we also know that collaboration with these entities is an essential element in providing authentic and enjoyable experiences of Japan.

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