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Call: +46706106150

Wild Sweden

Nature lovers from all over the World come to Kolarbyn to stay for a few nights. For an adventure off the beaten track. To breathe some fresh air, to enjoy the peacefulness, to take part in free outdoor activities and to be guided to see wild animals like nowhere else! You will soon realize that the forest is full of Moose, Beavers and other wildlife.

So, where is this fantastic place? Well, just a two hours drive from Stockholm. Its just outside the village of Skinnskatteberg, in the green and lush Bergslagen forest. But you don’t need a car. You can easily get here by public transport.

So, what is Kolarbyn Ecolodge?
Its kind-of-like a hotel.

Sweden’s most primitive!

When you arrive at Kolarbyn, you will see lots of trees, more trees and even more trees. You are in the forest!

Everything is green. But if you look closer you will soon find that in between all trees are twelve well camouflaged little cabins. All covered in mud and grass. Bilberries and mushrooms grow wild on their roofs. As natural as it can be!

An ecolodge in it’s true sense. A rustic hotel. Cabins for rent. Some guests have even called them mud-holes or hobbit houses.

We simply call them forest huts.

Kolarbyn is an unusual hotel. And you’re gonna love it!

Back to nature & do-it-yourself
The whole idea with Kolarbyn is back to nature and do-it-yourself. That means you get to do all the fun!

Chop your own wood
Fetch water from the spring
Cook food over open fire
Do your own dishes in the stream
Recycle your waste

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Listing Location

Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

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