Rwanda Ethical Travel GuideIt is Rwanda’s misfortune to be famous for a terrible event, the genocide of 1994. But that is no reason not to visit this beautiful little country, the land of mille collines: 1000 hills (in fact, they call their villages collines even on the rare occasions when they are on the plains). Rwanda is green and fertile, with vistas of ridge upon ridge of hills and, as you ride north from the capital Kigali, on a clear day, the thrilling view of the Virunga: a line of extinct volcanoes. This is the area most visitors come to see because it remains the home of the rare mountain gorillas.

Visitors should also visit the excellent national museum at Butare in the south of the country and the various memorials for the genocide. Of course, people are still scarred by what happened in 1994 and bitterness and division exist beneath the surface. However, the visitor will find a very efficient country with regular minibus services, not too much bureaucracy and no visas for British visitors – and a very nice German coffee shop in Kigali. In 2008, it also decided to make English its official language, rather than French, the language of its former colonial master.