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Tourism Concern, is a charity registered in the UK (charity number 1064020). Tourism Concern has two main aims:

  • We expose tourism’s worst human rights abuses and campaign against them.
  • We promote tourism that benefits local people in tourist destinations.

Our Vision  

Tourism which is ethical, fair and a positive experience for both travellers and the people and places they visit

Our Mission

To ensure tourism always benefits local people by challenging bad practice and promoting better tourism

Our Principles

  • Independence
    • We are a non-industry based organisation and strongly believe that our independence is vital to our role.
  • Listening
    • We believe in listening to the opinions and perspectives of our partners in destination communities. Many campaigns have been sparked off by communities asking us for help.
  • Shared values and vision
    • We believe in working with organisations that share our values and vision and we strive to work collaboratively towards common goals.
  • Inclusivity
    • We believe that all people have the right to participate in all decision-making that affects them.
  • Ethical practices
    • We believe in, and strive to adopt, low impact “green” policies and practices, purchasing and promoting fair trade products.

Our approach to tourism development

  • Local communities must have the right to participate in the decision making about tourism development where they live.
  • Tourism industry operators and governments must be accountable to the people whose land and cultures are being utilised for the benefit of tourists and tourism businesses.
  • Strategies must empower people to have a say in the development of their communities and country.
  • Attention must be given to marginalised and vulnerable groups such as women, children, minorities, illegal workers and indigenous people working or affected by the tourism industry.